Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parable of the Talents Day #10

Today is Day 10 - the Parable of the Talents
Attention Activity:  Talent Hunt
Preparation: You need some kind of pretend coins.  We are using chocolate coins.  Before the lesson, label each coin with a "talent".  Here are a few ideas:
good friend
good listener
caring for others
good leader
Hide the coins and tell the children to try and find as many coins as they can.  Each child will most likely find a different amount of coins.

Scripture Discussion
Read the parable of the talents Matthew 25: 13-30.
In the parable, the talents refer to pieces of money. For us talents mean abilities we can develop to bless and help others.
  • Why did the Master give different amounts of money?
  • How do your talents differ from your friend's talents or members in your family?
  • Why does Heavenly Father give us different talents?  
  • What did the servants who were given five and two talents do with their money?
  • How do you think they were able to double their money? 
  • How can hard work be a blessing to us?
  • What did the servant who was given one talent do with his money? 
  • Why do you think he did this? 
  • Why do you think some people don’t develop their talents? 
  • What happens to people’s talents if they do nothing with them?

Have each child read what talents they found during the talent hunt.  Decide who got the most talents.  Discuss how we should feel toward that person.  Who got the least amount of coins?  Have each child consider the talents they found and talk about how they can bless the lives of other people with these talents.
Journal Activity:
Have everyone write their name on top of today's journal page.  Pass the pages around and have each member of the family list a few talents of that person.  Encourage your family to look for talents that may not be obvious.  Once you get your own journal page back, have everyone read what was written.  Then have everyone write in their own journal what additional talents they have and how they can use these talents to bless the lives of other people and glorify God.
Click HERE to download today's handout.  Have the children glue a penny in the circle.  (I found the poem on Sugerdoodle, the author is anonymous.)

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  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for your printable. It was a great resource for us this week with our Bible Lesson. I'll be linking you in my blog.