About Me

Hi and welcome to the Jedi Craft Girl Blog!

I am a Southern California girl who loves anything creative.  I am the mom to 3 darling children and wife to one darling hubby!  I have a passion for all things creative, chocolate, and cats!!  I have been sewing since I was 12 when I learned I could sew my own shorts.  I have been quilting for 15 years and have the fabric stash to prove it.  You can usually find me in one of three places:  the fabric store, the thrift store, or the home improvement store.  I love sharing my ideas and giving my projects as gifts.  I hope you enjoy my blog!

Here are a few of the things I love:

 I Love my Family

I Love my husband, David
 I Love Jesus
 I love my cats


I love my Nana who is almost 93 years old!

I love running, mountain biking, and hiking.

I love Keith Urban.  Here I am at one of his concerts:
Here I am touching his arm....swoon!!
 Here I am standing next to him 12 years ago:

I love Taylor Swift.  Here I am at her concert - close enough to take this photo!!

 I love Star Wars.  2 years ago I outfitted the entire family with jedi costumes!

I love the beach.  Living in So Cal we get to the beach quite often.


I love our Elf, Richie and I miss him everyday!

I love Alfie Boe and I love that I met him.

 I love tea parties.

I love tie dye.
Thanks for reading!

Jedi Craft Girl