Friday, March 8, 2013

14-Day Journal Pages

In preparation for the 14-Day Walk with Christ, I am making these journals for everyone in my family.  They are pretty simple.  All you need is one of those cheep-o photo albums from the dollar store, a printer and a paper cutter.  (I noticed WalMart carries these.  However, they only hold 24 photos.  You will need one that holds at least 28 photos.  This one from the Dollar Tree has 48 pockets)
I have created a journal page for each of the 14 days.  On the left side of the journal will go the handout from each day's lesson and on the right side will go the journal page.  Click HERE to download the journal pages.  There are 3 to a page.  You can download PDF versions or the actual Microsoft Office version - you can choose.   This is what they look like:


Here I have printed the journal pages and placed them in the photo album:
 You will need 14 of these.  If you like, you can also leave some extra room for photos or other things you would like to add into the book.


  1. this is what I need - someone to plan it for me!!!! so I can just push print and assemble!!!! Wahoo!! THANK YOU!!!!! are you going to make the handouts as well??? Could you do FHE like this for me????!!!!