Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Painted Armoire

 I bought this armoire on Craig's List on Saturday.  I needed something for my 5 year old's room - the mess is out of control in there!  I paid $125 for it - she originally wanted $200 so I felt like it was a pretty good deal.  (I am used to garage sale prices!!)  The armoire was from an antique store in Beverly Hills - sold!! 
I got it home and immediately sanded it and painted it...in the dark!  I might be the world's most impatient person!

By Monday morning 3 coats of paint had been applied.

I decided to distress it a touch.  I like the "shabby" feel of it.  I love the detail of the flowers - perfect for the princess Rapunzel room!!

 When I was done with the distressing, I rubbed Minwax Finishing Paste on it - it's my FAVORITE way to finish furniture.  I love the feel it gives it!

 It is hard to photograph in my daughter's room - but we got it all moved in last night - yea!!!



  1. This looks so great!! Wonderful job!
    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. That came out gorgeous! I'm sure shell treasure it for years to come :)