Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Favorite April Fool's Day Ideas

I have to admit April Fools Day is not my most celebrated holiday.  I am not a big prankster.  I also don't like eating food that looks like I am eating a different kind of food; and I don't really like hurting people's feelings.  Here are some happy April Fool's Day ideas that won't leave anyone crying or calling the police:
(These are very reminiscent of pranks our Elf on the Shelf, Richie, might be involved with, hmmmmm - maybe we want to remember these in December!)

This one is cute.  Put sticky strip on the inside flap of the Ziploc so it won't open.  Switch the contents of the chip bag for different snacks and re-seal.  And don't you love the worm coming out of the apple!!


Hide all the utensils in the house and eat your meals with your hands!!

Bunch up toilet paper and stuff it down in the toe of the shoes.

Switch the cereal and the boxes and see how long it takes for everyone to catch on.

I just think this is adorable!!

I love this!  I want my fridge to look like this every day!!


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  1. these jokes made my morning -- googly eyes in the fridge and line for the potty priceless. usually if there is something in the toe of my shoe it's a cat toy that got thrown there and then a little 3 legged creature couldn't get it back out (which coincidentally happened to me this morning).