Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Printable from MMB!!!

We are only a few days into our 14-Day Walk with Christ and it's going great.  My children are so excited for each lesson.  They are really taking it seriously.  The first night they asked me to read what they wrote in their journals and I started crying while I read each entry.  It's been really touching.  I hope you are having memorable experiences with your family too!

I am so excited for today!  Elisa and Caroline at Mormon Mommy Blogs have created this amazing Easter printable to participate with our 14-Day Walk with Christ.

Mormon Mommy Blogs was named one of the top 100 Christian Blogs for Women.  Mormon Mommy Blogs is not just for the Mormon woman. It is a gathering place for people with similar values, who can count on each other to share, support, and engage.   I have been a fan of their blog for a long time.  Make sure to check out all their fabulous ideas!

 Click HERE to download!


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