Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jesus Loves Me - Day #1

Day #1 Jesus Loves Me
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Attention Activity:
Tell the children you have a picture of someone Jesus loves very much.  Ask each child one at a time go in another room with you so you can show them the picture.  As each child comes up to you, hold a mirror and let them look at themselves.  When you reassemble together ask the children to tell you who was in the picture.

Read Scripture Story Mark 10:13–16.
The disciples were afraid the children would interrupt and disturb Jesus while he was teaching. But Jesus wanted the children to come near him. “Let the little children come unto me.”

What did Jesus do when the children came to him?
Why did Jesus want the children to come to him? (Because he loved them and wanted to bless them.) 

Even though Jesus was busy teaching the adults, Jesus took time to hold and bless the little children because of his great love for them.

How do we know Jesus loves us? (Answers may include the following: He created the earth for us; he gave us commandments to live by; he gave his life for us; he directs the Church and speaks to us through his prophets; he set a good example for us.)

Gather small items that show Jesus loves us.  Here are a few ideas:
a family picture
music CD
Small toy animals
picture of a church or temple
small set of scriptures
(these can be anything you can think of)

Place the items on a tray.  Let the children look at each of the items and tell how it represents Jesus' love for them.  Take the tray away and remove a few of the items.  Bring the tray back to the children and see if they can name which items are missing.

Handout & Journal Time
 Click HERE to download these two handouts.
There are two handouts for today.  The first one is for the inside title page.  Print and glue a photo of your child in the frame.  (A school wallet size photo will fit perfectly.)

 This second handout goes next to the journal page.  Your children can color the picture.

  Make sure to take time at the end of the lesson to write your feelings in your journal.  List ways you know Jesus loves you.  For smaller children, they can draw a picture and you can write something they say.

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