Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thrift Shopping at DI

I love going to Utah because I get to shop at the Deseret Industries!!  It is so much cheaper than thrift shopping in California - and there is so much to rummage through.  David took these pictures of me "negotiating" with the cashier!!  (I didn't know I was being photographed!)  So funny.  I got all these cute luncheon plates & little glass cups to add to my collection - now I can have 100 people for lunch & they can all have their own glass plate!!


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  1. Amanda!!!!! It's been forever since our Falls Church days. I have been thinking about you and decided to google your name to see if you were on Facebook, etc. I love your blog. I am so happy to see you are still as talented as ever--and just as busy. I just spent the last hour browsing your creations. I can't believe how big Ella is! She is beautiful (she was tiny when we left). So fun to see pictures of your gorgeous family. I hope you are all well. Hugs...Tami Smith (P.S. You were a wonderful visiting teacher!)
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