Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cre8 + 2 = Me and You

I am entering this post in the Family Ever After "Cre8 + 2 = Me and You" Contest

Sewing and quilting are the things I love most - they are rewarding, challenging, and exciting.  However, when I get the opportunity to sew with the people I love, the experience changes; Sewing becomes more than a hobby, it strengthens our family bonds, creates lasting memories, and allows us to enjoy the simple things in life.  Here is my latest sewing memory.

Meet Sally
Sally is 4 years old and she has her own sewing machine, rotary cutter (minus the blade), iron & ironing board (toys of course), and giant basket of fabric.  She has an extensive button and zipper collection as well.  She is a talented fabric shopper - all the ladies at the fabric shop know her by name!  Sally loves to pick up the latest princess fabric or anything pink and purple. 

Meet Ella
Ella is 12 years old and has spent her whole life by my side at the sewing machine.  Two years ago she inherited my Bernina Quilters Edition.  She is a talented crafter & sewer.  She has designed and sewn many quilts, softies, and bags.  When we go fabric shopping, I can always bet that Ella will be bringing home fabric with a face on it (cats, birds, owls, fish, dolphins, etc).

Meet Mary Beth
Mary Beth is my mother-in-law.  She lives in Utah and I live in California, so we don't see each other too often.  But when we get together you know the sewing machines will be going & there will be yummy treats in the oven.  Mary Beth has been sewing and quilting her whole life - most of which have been for other people.   Oh the projects we have made together these past 18 years!!

The Project
While we were all together last week we decided to go to the LA Fabric District.  (If you haven't been, you should go, it's quite an experience!)

We didn't really have plans to sew, but once we got into the Michael Levine quilting department there was no choice!  Ella was picking out owl fabric left and right.  Then she explained how all her quilts are too small for her & she NEEDS a new one!  That's all I had to hear and we were having yardage cut!

Of course she wants minky on the back, so we head to the minky store ($8 a yard!).

That night we all spent together looking through quilt magazines, pinterest, and blogs looking for just the right quilt inspiration for Ella's owl quilt.  We came up with a simple design to show off all the owl prints.  It's an 8" square with a colored border all sashed in a Kona white.  We had fun looking through my stash for all the coordinating fabrics - not any of them are the same!

We spent that whole next day in the dining room putting the quilt together.  We all have our stations:  Ella was on the sewing machine (her 1/4" seams are amazing!), Mary Beth was the presser, and I was the pinner.  We make quite a team! 

Meet Marbles
There is one more person involved our family quilt day I forgot to mention: Marbles, Ella's Bengal cat.  As soon as we began laying the rows out on the floor he was all over it.  At one point the strips were all swirled in a nest around him!  After he is done playing in the quilt, he tires and naps!  It just wouldn't be quilting without a cat!!

It's More
There is a song by Trace Adkins called "Just Fishin" about a daddy and a little girl who go fishing.  The little girl thinks the outing is just about fishing, but the daddy recognizes it's much more - it's a memory he will have forever.  I feel this way about my time spent with my girls and my mother-in-law.  Yes, we make some pretty darn cute stuff, but more importantly, we make memories.  The quilts may not always be around - but those memories are forever.  There is nothing more important than time spent together with the ones you love.  I hope when ever Ella uses her new quilt, she will remember her Grandma coming to visit, our fun & crazy trip to the Fabric District, and our day spent sewing & chatting.  That's why I sew :)


  1. Such a sweet time together. Beautiful girls and a beautiful quilt.

  2. What a darling quilt you all made together! Love that you get to share your love of fabric with your girls and your mother-in-law.

  3. What a beautiful post! I found you from the Family Ever After series. I am in a little bit of tears right now - I am right with you - "this is why I sew" LOVE IT! Me too. I will be your newest follower - and your owl quilt was beautiful!!!