Friday, August 3, 2012

Square In a Square Baby Quilt Tutorial

 Here is a fun quilt tutorial I came up with.  I made this for a friend who is having a baby boy.

What you Need:
(28) 6 inch squares of theme fabrics
(8) 2-inch WOF strips - (mine are cream with brown circles) for outside of blocks
(4) 3-inch WOF strips of center block fabric (mine are all different)
Fabric for binding and back

Here's what you do: (Make sure to use 1/4" seam allowances and press after each step)

Sew 4 strip sets of (2) 2-inch strips with the 3-inch strip in the center 

 Chop the strip up into 3-inch increments

 This makes a 6-inch block.  You need 28 of them.

Lay out your pattern - Mine measures 7 blocks across and 8 blocks down.

 Sew the blocks together in rows.  Sew the rows together.  Make sure to press seams going opposite direction so they line up.  Quilt as desired


  1. Love this! Do you do your own quilting?

  2. I did my own quilting on this one. The fabric had loop-de-loos in it so I used that as my idea for the quilting.

  3. Wow, that quilt turned out amazing!! Beautiful! came over from family every after....

  4. Love this quilt, what size does it turn out to be please