Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl's Camp

I had a lot of fun getting ready for Girl's Camp.  I made these little first-aid zipper pouches for the girls to put their first-aid kits.

I made these bookmarks for them to have during their scripture reading each day.

Arise and Shine laynards.  To make the lanyard, I just used 2 1/2" strip of fabric.  Press it in half then press the sides in & fold over (like double fold bias tape.)  Top stitch and put a clasp on the end.  They were fun to make!

I made little "hooties" for each of the girls.  They were part of a devotional about being a daughter of God.  Every owl is different, just like each of the girls.  They also have a sunshine on their tummy because they are letting their light shine!

The girls LOVED their owls!  They were so cute when they were choosing the one they wanted.  They slept with them and kept them on their beds.  During the week everyone would write little notes and tuck them into the owls wings. 

"Got my Shiny On" bottlecap necklaces
On of our girls had her birthday at camp.  I made this little birthday badge for her to wear all day so everyone would say happy birthday to her!

I made these flower headbands for the girls.  It looked cute when we all had them in our hair.

There were a few other things I made that I forgot to take pictures of.  Each day we gave the girls candy in their mail boxes: DOTS disciples of the Savior, You're a Sweet Heart sweetarts, and Saver Life Life Savers. 

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  1. I love all of it! with the theme "Arise and Shine forth" I suspected it may be "this little light of mine" I think the DOTS is genius!! And hats off to all the planning ahead! PTL!