Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Couch, New Pillows

I bought a new couch!  It's pretty exciting because the one it replaced was 15 years old.  I don't get new furniture very often - unless I can paint it or fix it up somehow,  I love the couch - it's a Broyhill and super comfy.  I came with these pillows which don't really match what's going on in the room
 So I sewed new ones!  They are really big - much larger than a throw pillow.  I essentially made a mini quilt and put 2 flaps on the back to make an envelope.  This one is a Moda print and all I did was quilt it - swirls in the circles and then just 1/8 inch from the lines straight stitching. 

This one is from the Vintage Modern Moda line.  I sewed different strips together and straight line quilted it.  Then sewed the binding on
 Sew Happy!

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  1. I thought that looked like Camille & BOnnie. They look great! I am saving my vintage modern for the "new kitchen" accents.