Thursday, May 9, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

I have seen painted mason jars all over the internet.  Google "Painted Mason Jars" and you will find hundreds of different photos!  I am not taking credit for the idea.  But I have been known to spray paint anything & everything!!   I had a lot of jars, a lot of spray paint, and about 5 minutes - that's all you need!

I used spray paint to paint the outside of my jars.  I first turned them upside down and painted them, then after they were dry, I turned them right side up and painted them.  I lightly sanded the letters - you could really go crazy on the sanding if you wanted to!

I found this cute wood box at the thrift shop and gave it a coat of spray paint as well.  I love that 3 jars fit perfectly in the box!

Since this is to be an indoor decoration,  I didn't want to plant a real plant....because, well, I am not the best with real plants!!  I found these cute little greenish plants at Joann's. 

 You should spray paint some jars today!! 



  1. really loving the color combo :) stopping from shaken together1

  2. How cute! I love this ideas. Came over from The 36th Avenue link party. Hope you will check out my blog.