Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Conversation Jar

 Each year I try and do a Mother's Day craft in my son's class.  This year he is in 4th grade.  (Click HERE for last year's project)   This can be a challenge - something for 28 learners to make in about an hour.....hmmmmm.  I came up with this craft: The Mother's Day Conversation Jar.  It is a little spin off journal jars.  Here's how we made them:

 First, I punched out different size circles from tissue paper.  Note: we had to layer a regular piece of paper on the top and bottom of the stack of tissue paper so it wouldn't rip in the paper punch.  The learners applied Mod Podge to the mason jars, arranged the dots how they wanted and Mod Podged over. 

 While the jars were drying, the children cut out conversation starters, folded them and put them in the jars.  Click HERE for the list I put together.  We tied this little tag around the jar:
The idea is that each day, or once a week, or when ever, the child and mother pick a paper out of the jar and have a little conversation about something they might not normally think to talk about - and hopefully learn a little more about each other.  I think it is fun!

When they were all done with the jars, we hot glued a flower to the top of the jar. 



  1. The mod pogde tissue looks way better than I thought it would be. Super cue!

  2. These are adorable! Super cute :)

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  3. This is so cute. I would definitely do this project with my kids. Thanks for the tutorial! I came here from the Meet and Greet and am your newest follower. I'm looking forward to reading more. :)