Friday, May 3, 2013

Chevron Lace Pillow

 I am excited to share this tutorial from Thrifty Modest Threads.  "We are  three sisters-in-law who came together to create a blog where we could post our crafty creations, talk about our adventures in motherhood, and share our thrifty modest finds! We are currently in the process of launching our new blog called "Muddy Toes & Pretty Bows" which will also include crafty projects, sewing, our crazy kids, and just about anything that life throws at us!"
 Cut fabric 12in x 16in.  Cut three long strips of lace.  Now get ready for a lot of measuring and marking to make sure the zigzags are equal distance apart from one another.

Pin the lace and sew it on!  Pretty easy!

Thanks so much Thrifty {Modest} Threads for sharing this tutorial!  I am hoping to make one of my very own! 


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