Monday, September 24, 2012

Diaper Change on the Go - Baby Shower Gift

 I have seen different versions of this idea all over Pinterest.  Here is my take on this fun idea!!

 I sewed 5 zipper pouches.  The measurements for the rectangles are 11"x10" with a 1 1/2' pleat in the bottom.  They are each lined.  For instructions on making a basic zipper pouch, look HERE, HERE or HERE.  I choose to sew 5 because 10 seemed like a lot!
 Each zipper pouch holds 1 diaper, 1 disposable changing pad, 1 Ziplock of wipes, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and a trash bag.  This is essentially all the things you need for 1 diaper change.  The idea is the mom can grab one of these on the go and know she is prepared.  As the child grows, you can add in things like baby food, spoon, disposable bib, etc.

 Put them all inside and you are good to go!

 I bought a basket and placed all the pouches in.

Print out a tag & tie it onto the basket
Click HERE for the pdf of the Blue Tag Instructions.
Click HERE for a Pink version

 No, off to the baby shower you go!!

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  1. What a gorgeous and practical gift (I think I'd add an extra diaper though in case the bub poops again WHILE you are changing it). Are all the zippered bags for the same mother? I bet she loved it! :)