Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Wreath

The girls over at Eighteen25 are showcasing a new Halloween Project Tutorial everyday.  I decided to make one of the projects.  It's a Halloween wreath.  Click HERE to see their featured wreath and tutorial.  This is my version!!

Start with a wreath from the dollar store.  Eighteen25 used a foam wreath - this woven wreath is all our dollar store had.  Then get black and white fabric.  I tore mine in 4" x WOF strips.  I used about 5 strips.
 Hot glue the fabric every so often, kind of bunching it together where you glue it.  (I only burned myself 4 times!!!)

 Go all the way around the wreath, then glue fabric around the inside and then the outside using the same bunch & glue technique.

Next  cut a 12x12 piece of Halloween paper into 4" strips - you need three strips.  I scored each strip every half inch.  Then accordion fold the strips, glue them together to form a large rosette. 

 I hot glued a piece of black spiderweb paper into the center. 

 I added a vintage Halloween card to the front.  You can decorate it any way you want.  I think the fabric glued to the wreath is such a cheap, fast, easy base for any wreath for any occasion!!

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