Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Covert Robin

 I am participating in "The Covert Robin, a mystery gift exchange."  It is such a cute idea.  You sign up and then you are assigned a secret exchange person.  You make a handmade item and then send it off to her.  In return a totally different person makes something and sends it to your front door!  So much fun!  I found out about this cute idea because I follow Clover & Violet.  A darling quilting & sewing blog!  I was assigned Melle from Feathered Fuffles.  

Melle and I  have lots in common - she loves sewing and she loves cats!!  Here is what I made her.  Since she has received it,  I can write about it.
Meet my favorite tote bag.  (I, myself, don't own one because I seem to make them and give them away!!)  The draw-string quilted tote.

  It has darling draw strings which cinch this bag and make it look all ruffly at the top.

 It opens up to be a large tote - big enough for a day at the beach, a day at the park, or a day at your favorite place.  I can just imagine stuffing towels, sweatshirts, and snacks in the bag and cinching it up!

 This bag begins as a quilt.  I pieced it kind of randomly so it would feel bright and colorful.
I love that it is quilted because it stands up by itself without being stiff and it feels soft and cuddly....and bonus - super easy to wash!!

 The bag measures 20" wide by 15" tall and 7" deep.

 Melle, I hope you love your bag!!  It was sewn with love :)



  1. I love this bag!!! First off FABULOUS COLORS, DESIGN ETC... just love it.. Do you have a pattern for it? I can understand what you meant about making them for everyone but yourself lol... That is me with quilts. I make them for everyone, but me lol... Anyways kudos on this bag as it is gorgeous... Love it.

  2. I am SOOO glad you got a picture of it! I immediately... like... unpacked... oohhed and awweeddd... pulled it inside out and rightside in... and proceeded that very same 3 minutes to empty my then current purse into the new tote.

    It hasn't left my side since!

    And it's PERFECT! It holds easily my blog journal, a pouch for pens, my pouch for make up, my wallet... and there's still room for more!

    And it's SOOOO CUTE! I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it. Well... actually I can. See normally, I carry a purse from then house to the car once. then it gets left in the car. i carry it into stores and what not with me, but it NEVER comes inside again until I am ready to change it out...

    This NEVER gets left in the car! !!!

    That't huge. Even my husband commented on it... "In 5 years of marriage I have never seen you actually carry a bag... what's up?"

    I just love it. Pure and simple.

    Thank you so much!