Monday, April 29, 2013

Napkin Pillow

 This is a fast, easy way to make a throw pillow.  Google "napkin pillow" and you will see lots of ideas.  There are different ways to construct this pillow, here is how I made mine:

You will need 2 cloth napkins.  I bought these bird ones at Kohls.
Keep in mind we are working with cloth napkins.  Have you ever folded cloth napkins before?  They never match up.  Don't freak out if your napkins are not perfectly square.  Press the wrinkles out of the napkins.  Choose 2 that match up the best.

Find a pillow that best fits the size of the napkin.  The pillow & the napkin should be very close to the same size.
 With wrong sides together, pin around the border of your napkin.  Of course, you can sew right sides together and turn the pillow;  I wanted a little border on the edge of my pillow.

I sewed a seam along the very edge of the napkins, then a second seam along the hem of the napkin.  This created a little border.  Make sure to leave most of the bottom open so you can insert your pillow.
 Insert your pillow.  The way I am making this pillow does not allow for easy washing of the pillow covering.  I am OK with that.   If I really need to wash it, I can rip out the seam.  I would have put a zipper, but there was too much bulk with all the hems of the napkin.
 Pin the opening closed.  Sew a double seam on the sewing machine.  It was a little tricky holding the pillow and maneuvering the sewing at the same time - it can be done!

Here you can see the 2 seams.

 I loved my pillow so much, I sewed a second one.  The fabric is soft and they feel so comfortable!



  1. These are great ideas for something fast. I just have to get over the wonky napkin/placemat shapes. Can't wait to see your other pillow tutorials this week!