Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Heart Art - Fabric & Canvas

 I needed a little pick-me-up today and so I made this Valentine Heart Art.  Here is how you make one: 
Art Canvas
Fabric scraps - I used only red and aqua
Deco Page (Mod Podge)
Sponge Brush
Let's get started!!
Begin cutting out random heart shapes in a variety of sizes.  I didn't use a pattern and every heart is different!  
 Keep cutting.  I laid out my pattern as I went so I knew what sizes to cut. Now start deco paging.  With your sponge brush paint the glue under the heart, then over the heart, making sure to coat well.  (nice cereal bowl in the background...I was eating breakfast and crafting!)

 Let dry completely and you are done!

 I was hoping to frame mine but I chose an odd size canvas....hmmmmm.  Oh well, I will hang it up anyway!



  1. That is adorable!

    I love how you used the Saltine tin for tools. I have the one we used when I was a kid and we still keep crackers in it. It's great to see vintage pieces being used.

  2. Thanks for this! I'm going to do this with my toddler and use card stock and scrapbook paper to make valentines for grandparents.