Tuesday, April 1, 2014

14-Day Walk With Christ 2014

I am so excited to announce my 14-Day Walk with Christ begins on Sunday, April 6th.  This has been such a memorable tradition in our family.  Ever day for the 2 weeks leading up to Easter I will post a lesson about Jesus that you share with your family.  Many of the lessons will include activities or crafts or games.  The goal is to spend 2 weeks growing closer to the Savior as you prepare for Easter.  

I have some fabulous guest bloggers contributing this year:
Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts
Sheena from Little LDS Ideas
Rachel from Family Ever After
Jessica from Latter-Day Chatter
Marci from Marci Coombs
Heather from Raising Memories
Melanie from LDS Handouts
I can't wait to see their creative lessons!

Here is the schedule of the lessons in case you want to print the topics out and put them in your 14-Day Calendar.

I will post each lesson in the evening so you can prepare to share the lesson the next day.  (Technically you will begin on Monday, but the lesson will be up Sunday night)

Day #1 - Jesus is the Light of the World
Day #2 - Jesus Loves Me
Day #3 - Jesus is our Foundation
Day #4 - Jesus is our Example
Day #5 - Christ-Like Attributes: Obedience
Day #6 - Christ-like Attributes: Faith
Day #7 - Christ-like Attributes: Patience
Day #8 - Christ-like Attributes: Charity & Love
Day #9 - Service
Day #10 -Parables: 10 Virgins
Day #11-Parables: Sheep & the Goats
Day #12 -Parables: the Sower
Day #13 -Jesus Christ our Savior
Day # 14 -Atonement & Resurrection 

If you would like to view last year's lessons, click HERE.  

Last year we did a printable journal.  You can make a special journal for the 2 weeks or use your current journal.  There will be journal questions after each lesson and a hand-out you can glue in your journal as a reminder of the lesson.  Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you join us!!


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