Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keeping up with Richie the Elf

Richie the elf has for sure been busy!  He got into the rubber stamps and stamped a note.  The note said to look in the mirror.  Hmmmmm, why is Richie holding a red marker?  Oh!  Once we looked in the mirror we noticed we all had Rudolph noses!  (My 13 year old thought she had the world's largest zit....poor thing)

Then Richie was found sitting in one of the Christmas trees fishing for goldfish with a candy cane fishn' pole!
 We found Rapunzel tied to the mistletoe and Richie hanging from Rapunzel's long braid.  We think he has a crush on Rapunzel!  This confirms our suspicions :)

This appears to be a double date we happened upon one morning.  Here Richie is playing mini Uno cards with Merida, Flynn and Rapunzel.  Looks like Flynn and Rapunzel must be back together after the mistletoe incident!

 Flynn Rider is sooooo handsome!!

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