Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Boutique

 My 8th grader is going on a class trip to Catalina Island.  I like to have my children "earn" their money for camps and trips.  We came up with the idea of sewing items and selling them at her school's Holiday Boutique!  We should have started sewing before December but we got it all done! 
...and the boutique was held on the COLDEST day of the year!  BURRRRR!!
 We made all these cute zipper pouches.

 ...and Ruffled Tote Bags.  Ella and I split the work almost 50-50.  She is a great sewer, pinner, presser, and ruffler!!  Oh, and she choose all the fabrics!

 We also made taggies, sunglasses cases and other little pouches.  She's almost earned all her money!!

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  1. Oh my I love those pouches! I like that you have your daughter 'earn' the trip, that's a great idea!
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