Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Octopus Zipper Pouches

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE zipper pouches!  Since all the fabric is still out from my Octopus Tote Bag, I thought I would sew up a few pouches.  They sew up super fast.  I made 2 versions and I will explain them both below.

"My Favorite Zipper Pouch"  This is modified from my tutorial posted here.  Follow those instructions except for these changes:

Use the same measurements for the outer bag and the lining  (9'x 6.5")  This bag is canvas so omit the fusible fleece.

For the accent strip, cut (2) 3" x 9" and press edges to the center.  

I used basting spray to hold the folded edges in place.

Pin the accent strip 3.5" from the top and make sure it's straight.  Topstitch both sides of the accent strip onto the canvas pieces.  Do this on the front and back pieces.

Prepare the appliqué by tracing the octopus pattern HERE on Heat n Bond Lite.  Iron to the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut on the pattern line.

Position the octopus as placed above.  I like to use an open foot like this Bermina #20 when sewing around my images.  It lets me see the image better.  Sew around the octopus twice with a straight stitch.  I had some fabric with words on it and sewed the word strip on.

Once the bag front and back are finished, sew the bag together as in the tutorial here.  I added a swivel lobster clasp to the side.  Also, when notching the bottom corners, instead of a 1.5" square, use a 1.25" square.

Version 2 Rounded Zipper Pouch
This zipper pouch is super easy - there is no lining and no zipper tabs which means you can make it in about 15 minutes!  The weight of the canvas gives it enough strength.

Cut (2) rectangles from the canvas 5.5" x 7.5"
Using a bowl or plate, round the bottom two corners of the 2 rectangles.

Using basting spray, place one of the bag pieces to the wrong side of your fabric.  Spray in place.  Cut around the bag shape.  This is now your bag back.

Applique the octopus on the bag in the same manner as the first zipper pouch.

These are the two bag pieces.

Lay the zipper in between the bag pieces, right side up like this:

 Flip the zipper over and align with the top edge of the back piece.  Sew using a zipper foot.  Then sew the zipper to the bag front in the same manner.  Press and top stitch along zipper seam.

With the zipper pull in the center of the bag, trim off the excess zipper.  Place bag front and bag back right sides together.  Pin.  Sew using 1/4" seams.  Zig zag the edges so they won't fray.

Turn right side out and press.


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  1. Very cute little pouches! Love how they coordinate with your tote :)