Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Direction Valentines - Backstage Pass to my Heart

We love Valentine's Day and we love 1D at our house, at least my Kindergartner does (and mommy)!  We found these 1D valentines at the store and decided they needed something a little extra.  We turned them into pretend Backstage Passes!  Here's how you can make them:
Print the Backstage Pass on photo paper.  Click HERE to download.
 Cut them out.  Cut the 1D valentines to fit on the pass.  I choose to use the picture on the back of the valentine since it was of all 5 of the guys and it was a little smaller and fit perfectly in the space.  Glue the valentines to the passes.

Oh my, they are so cute…..I mean the Valentines are so cute :)
 Print the back of the pass on regular paper and cut on the faint gray line.
 The 1D valentines come with little stickers.  So we added a sticker to the back.  Sally then signed them all.  Glue the front and the back together.
 Insert into a laminating pouch and laminate.
Punch a hole in the top and add some twill tape or ribbon.  I bout this giant spool of neon pink twill tape in LA for about $5.  I didn't know what I would ever use it for!!!

 We are just a little bit excited to wear this!!  We are making one for everyone in the class - even the boys - oh well!  That's about 26 in all!  Better get cutting!


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