Monday, January 20, 2014

Vintage Paper Hearts

 I got together with my friend for a little paper crafting!  She has super amazing taste and ideas!!  She came up with this fun project.  I love that the hearts are soft colors and not super bright red and white - definitely a vintage feel.  Here's how you can make them:

First cut out "nesting" hearts on the Silhouette.  We cut about 12 different papers so we could mix and match.

Use "Distressing Ink" to age the egdges.

Next, paint white glue on the edges and dip them in "Vintage Sparkle" glitter - its the best color of glitter ever!!

Once they were dry, layer them and sew the center on the machine (of course I had to get some sewing in the project!!)

Aren't they looking cute?

Gather peach, cream, and pink crepe paper on the sewing machine until you have a pile.

Hot glue the gathered crepe paper around the back like this:

When they are finished, I sprayed them with Glitter Dust - it's magic in a can!  It gives them a soft dusting of glitter - just like the name says!  And the glitter doesn't flake off!

I just can't get enough of them!  They are all over my house!

I wanted to make a garland with some of them, so I glued three to a piece of lace.  I added additional ruffled crepe paper.

I love how my tea cabinet looks!  I love this picture from the Graphics Fairy.  I printed it out in an 8x10 and framed it.

I also made a paper rosette and glued a heart in the center - I hung it in the guest bathroom.
I'm ready for Valentine's Day now!!!


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  1. Amanda, these are so pretty, they remind me of school days and old fashioned valentine decorations . . .
    So vintage and so lovely.