Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Elf is Sick

Uh oh, our Elf, Richie is sick and so is my 5 year old.  Yea, things have been a little rough around here.  I guess Richie must have picked up a bug.  This morning we found him tucked in a bed with a elf-size red & white quilt and lots of kleenex, medicine and cough drops!  He wrote a note explaining he wasn't even able to make it back to the North Pole, poor guy.

It was kind of nice for Sally to have a buddy to hang out with all day and watch movies in bed with.  

I hope they both get feeling better soon!



  1. I have really enjoyed seeing what you do each morning with your elf on the shelf ! I must say, your little girl is so very lucky to have an amazing loving mother that takes lots of time to please her in so may ways!
    Keep the elf on the shelf posts coming because I really enjoy sharing them with my kids each day!!

  2. Hi, I am so loving these Elf posts but I'd love to know how far in advance these things are planned? Did you happen to have a wee quilt in the cupboard for him to snuggle under? You do an amazing job and your kids are really lucky to have such a creative mum. Thank you for the enjoyment!