Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deer Ornaments

I found this cute tutorial for deer ornaments over on the According to Kelly Blog. Its a guest post from Traci at Beneath my Heart.  Click Here for her tutorial.  She has great instructions on how to make them.  Super cute!

I made 18 of them to give to friends.  They were super fun!  My deer stamp is a little different, its from a Stampin' Up set.  I think my tinsel was slightly larger too.  A great glue gun project - I only burned myself 3 times!!

I kept one for myself to add to my woodland animal tree.  I LOVE this tree!  Nice hedgehog!

Raccoons, fox and owls….
 more birds & owls…

 I really love woodland animals!


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  1. Amanda! Those are so cute! I am so sorry for just getting over here to thank you for mentioning my ornament. I like your better! :)
    They are beautiful and are making me miss Christmas. hee.hee.