Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sewing Summit 2013

I just got home from Sewing Summit last night.  It was totally AMAZING and FUN and AWESOME!!!  It was held in downtown Salt Lake City.  I can't believe I left the kiddos and husband and boarded a plane.....I never do anything like this!  It was totally worth it.  Of course the first day I was racked with guilt over leaving my family to fend for themselves....but after I boarded a tour bus and hit 3 quilt shops in the Salt Lake area, I was beginning to feel better!!

 Yes, thats a tour bus - haven't been on one since high school!  It was so much fun to get on a bus and be with 40 ladies who loved sewing and quilting.  Everyone became instant friends!

 We went to Pine Needles, Material Girls, and Quilters Haven.  I don't have a quilt shop where I live, so this was a huge treat!  So many fun ideas to get inspired by!

The conference consisted of 2 days of classes, 4 classes each day.  Bernina sponsored the summit and we all got to sew on brand new Berninas!

I got to take classes from some of my favorite people in the sewing world and meet others as well.  

Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter taught this Half Square Triangle Quilt class.

Jeni Baker from In Color Order taught this Equilateral Triangle Quilt Class.  

 I also loved meeting Rachel from Family Ever After,

and Heather Bailey!  She is soooo amazing!

 In between classes I got to meet lots of new friends and talk about sewing!  If you are at all interested in sewing or quilting, you should totally go!  It's for EVERYONE!!!

I also got to eat some super yummy chocolates from Hatch's

eat ice cream from the creamery,

and from Aggie ice cream.

 I arrived at sewing summit with 1 bag and a small carry on and left with 2 check-ons and 3 carry-ons!  I was quite a sight walking through the airport!!



  1. Hey it was great to meet you at Sewing Summit and chat a bit! Your HST quilt top turned out great! Next time I will have to go for the treats. I love your blog name, too :-) Glad you braved it and came! Hopefully your family appreciates you even more now that you are back :-)

  2. I did not make it to Sewing Summit - sad since I live in Salt Lake! But I'm wondering where you got the Aggie Ice Cream? Did you trek up to Logan or is there actually a place in SLC where I can get this heavenly treat??