Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tie-Dye 101 {Circles}

 Today is all about circles.  The first technique is the "Bullseye".

Step #1: Decide where you want the center of your Bullseye.  In this example I am centering it to the side.

Step #2: Rubber Bands - start section off your bullseye with rubber bands.  Begin with a small section, add a rubber band:

Now add another section.  The number of sections will determine the number of rings on your bullseye.

This shirt has 5 rubber bands - so it will have 5 sections.  The rest of the shirt just scrunch and bunch and rubber band into place.

Step #3 Dye - dye the sections different colors.  The first section is the center of the bullseye.  I dyed this one in this order:  lime, fuchsia, blue, yellow, blue, green, then random colors on the scrunch.

Another bullseye:

Double Bulls Eye
To make a double bulls eye, you follow the same technique, only with 2.  Decide where you want the centers to be.  For this shirt we placed the centers over the shoulder then the opposite bottom corner. 
 Scrunch the middle and hold in place with rubber bands.

This is how it turned out once it was dyed - I love it!! 

Second circle technique we call "The Nubs"

Pull small portions of fabric and rubber band them, just like you were beginning a bulls eye.  You can even do a double or triple nubs.  Tie these all over the shirt randomly.  (You are also gathering the back of the shirt at the same time so the pattern will be on the back as well.)

Add your dye to the background first - on this one we mixed orange and fuschia.

Then add color to the top of your "nubs".  This one we dyed black and purple on the background and lime on the nubs.

 When it's untied, there are circles all over the shirt:

 We tried one placing the nubs around the neck like a necklace, I didn't get a photo of it.  You can start getting creative and combining techniques - maybe a spiral and a few nubs on the corner or a bulls eye and a spiral.  The possibilities are endless!!


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  1. on the double bullseye did you just squirt a little of all 4 colors in the middle?