Saturday, July 27, 2013

9-Patch Big Block Quilt Tutorial

This has been such a fun week of quilt tutorials!  

 I made this quilt with lots and lots of love.  It's for a friend who is battling cancer.  Sometimes only a hand-made quilt can express how you truly feel about a person.
I love this pattern because it showcases larger print fabrics which I am always drawn to!

 This quilt is made up of 9-patch blocks and plain blocks.
Quilt blocks measure 12" finished
Make (10) 9-patch blocks
Cut (10) 12.5" squares of theme print

Select your fabrics and lay them out how you want them in the 9-patch.  Cut them in strips of 4.5"x WOF

Sew them together in 3-strip sets: row 1, row 2, and row 3
 Press seams so they alternate for easy intersection pinning.  Cut in increments of 4.5"

 Do this with each of the strip sets until you have stacks that look like this:

Pin at seams
Here you can see how I did my pressing:
 Lay out your 9-patch blocks with your 12 1/2" squares alternating.  Sew them in rows and join rows together.  This quilt is 4 squares across and 5 squares down.

I put flannel on the back and free-motion quilted it - it's so cuddly!! 


  1. This is very pretty!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love, love, love this quilt. I so have to make one...another one on my to-do list :)

  3. The colours just say Summer evenings, just gorgeous.

  4. How much fabric did you use for this quilt? Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. It is a beautiful quilt and I know the recipient was thrilled with your gift.

  5. LOVE IT ! I just saw this on pinterest ! I love big prints and big blocks to show them off and will be making this .