Monday, November 5, 2012

Kitchen Table Re-Do

I bought this kitchen table (and 4 chairs which will be used in a different project) on Craig's List for $25!  I was so excited for a new project.

 Right away I got to sanding it.
 Then I primed it with a dark primer.
 I painted it black.

 Then I painted over the black with white paint.  I used the same chalk paint method as I used on my coffee table.  The technique comes from I Heart Naptime.  I mixed 5 tablespoons of Plaster of Paris with 2 Tablespoons water.  Then added 2 cups of white paint.

My plan was to have the white paint look aged & like it's chipping off with the black showing through.  Only I got so excited to paint I forgot to add Vaseline to parts of the table to make the paint scrape off easier.  I would definitely not forget this step!!
 Anyway, I painted 3 coats of white paint to the table.

 Next I sanded the edges so the black paint would show through & the table would look aged.  This is where the Vaseline would have been nice.  I didn't get the big chunky paint chips that I wanted.  I am sure they will come over time!!

This Minwax Finishing Wax is my favorite stuff!!!  It gives such an amazing feel to your furniture - different then polyurethane.  You rub the wax on and then in 20 minutes you buff it out with a clean cloth.  It makes the paint feel like it's been there for a long time!!  I even used it on my table top.  It won't protect it as good as polyurethane, but I want the table to age naturally.

 This is our first meal at the table.  I love how it fits the space in my kitchen better than my rectangular table.
 Yea!  Now what can I paint next??


  1. The table looks great! I love all the different colored chairs!

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  2. I have that exact table but paid way more.... Love what you have done with it and look forward to when mine needs a nifty redo!! awesome job!

  3. Love it! I have exactly the same table awaiting a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration! x Julie

  4. I'm just adoring the different colored chairs - awesome project! glad to have found you - off to explore more!