Saturday, June 16, 2012

Petal Placemats

I am submitting this in Ellison Lane Quilts' Summer Sewing Contest!
 I just finished these placemats! I have been looking for new placemats for a long time now.  It's either I can't find the right color/pattern or they are too expensive.  I found this pattern in "Quilt Almanac 2012" and I knew these were the placemats for me!  It's such a fun project - you only need small pieces of fabric for each petal so it's a great "stash" project.  It is also perfect to use up all those small pieces of batting I save!!
 I love that the placemats are more like fabric chargers and really set off the dishes.  Yes - I really like polka-dots!!  And I think I am a colorful person :)

 Thanks for stopping by!  Want to join me for lunch?  The table is all set :)


  1. Love them. I love that you can carve time out for these cute projects! Today I made it down to the "dungeon of dispair" aka the sewing room and managed to sew buttons on 2 pairs of pants, hem a pair of pants and fix an elastic waistband...those are not FUN projects. I want to do the fun stuff. Love it!

  2. How sweet are those!!!!! I'm in love with the dinner table...I love polka dots, too!

  3. I love your plates - I have some plastic ones from target a few years back and wish I bought twice as many!

  4. So cheerful! What a happy table you set!