Monday, June 18, 2012

4th of July t-Shirts

 While my sister was here visiting we made nine 4th of July T-shirts.  We decided to go with gray T-shirts so the Red, White & Blue would all stand out.
 The USA shirts are for the boys age 3 and 8.  I painted the fireworks on using THIS technique - it involves stamping with pipecleaners!  Then I appliqued the USA letters on the shirts.  We wanted it to look very "boy" - it's challenging to make boy shirts without getting too cutesie!  I think they worked!

The Star shirts are for the girls age 12 & 11. 

I love the "necklace" shirt.  These are for the girls age 4 and 7.  I secretly want one for me!!

The cupcake shirt is for Hallie who is almost 1.  
The mommies needed shirts too.  I decided to go with a ruffle shirt instead of applique.  I have been saving old T-shirts like crazy to use for ruffles - so it was time I actually used some.  Click HERE for the tutorial on how to make this fun, festive,  ruffle shirt. 


  1. wow its a realy good colection ilove that its fabric is owsum thankes for shring

  2. Super cute shirts! I love the stars one, for the 11 & 12 yr olds!

  3. I love this idea so much!!! I also liked the grey! I had the perfect old shirt to use. I made the stars (the one y'all made for the tween girls). I'm also going to make a tank and use the necklace idea for it and do the year down the side! I love your blog and follow your crafting ideas weekly! Thanks so much!

  4. Love love LOVE these shirts! We BUY shirts every year for the 4th. How much more jun to do it ourselves.