Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow White Peasant Dress

I saw this idea on Pinterest - Disney Princess inspired peasant dresses. I almost could not sleep until I tried one. We put on the Snow White movie and my little princess and I watched it and sewed this Snow White Peasant Dress. It turned out cute - usually I like to make a test dress, but I just went for it on this one. I used the Simplicity 5695 pattern. I made the size 5 - next time I think I will make the size 6.

She has been wearing these red glasses all day - we even went to a restaurant with them on!

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  1. I think this is absolutely adorable! I make fabric and flower crowns for a children's cancer foundation, Brooke's Blossoms & Buddies, that are inspired by the Disney Princesses as well. I wanted to let know that your idea has inspired me to make princess dresses for a very special little girl named Maddy to wear on her Make a Wish Disney Cruise. Thank you so much for sharing.