Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunny Jars

Instead of packing for our camping trip, I have been obsessing about these:
Yesterday I saw this tutorial for Bunny Jars from Torie Jayne. For the past 24 hours all I could think about was making the jars. I went through all the children's toy animals only to find not one bunny. (If I want to make dinosaur jars sometime, I am set!) I went to a few stores keeping my eyes open. Finally at Pier One I found these porcelain bunny ornaments - they were the closest thing so I bought them.

Last night I cut off the hangers (which I wish they didn't have) and epoxied them to my jars. (I save every jar I come across. I even emptied out a bottle or pickle relish because I liked the jar!)

This morning I got out the spray paint. I first primed them then painted them what ever colors I had on hand. I filled them with paper grass (which was also hard to find this late in the season) and then put the malted milk eggs in. I think they are cute.
Now I can start packing for our camping trip!!!

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  1. They look so cute! So happy to have inspired you! x