Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vintage Sheet Pillowcases, New Bedding, & the Bengal Cat

I bought new bedding for my bedroom!  That is always a big deal for me!  Are you like me & need like 5 pillows to sleep???  Which means I needed more pillowcases then the 2 that came with the sheets.  I got out the box of vintage sheets and came up with these!

This is how to make them: (this will make 1 standard size pillow)
Cut the main fabric on the fold measuring  21" high and 26" long (fold is on the long side)

I used the lace ruffle off a different sheet.  I cut this 1 1/2 inches away from the ruffle seam.
Sew it to the edge of your pillow fabric.  Press seams.  The lace on the sheet was super crooked.  I came up with a way to cover it up.

I bought this bolt of lace in the LA fabric district.  50 yards for $15!!  I will be using it on everything!!

Sew the lace covering the seams.
 After the trim is sewn on, fold the pillow right sides together and sew the 2 sides.  I didn't sew French Seams, I just zig zagged so it wouldn't fray.

 I love how they turned out!  So does Marbles!  He loves my new bedding and sleeps there everyday now!  The quilt is Tahari from TJ Max, sheets are from Target.  I was hesitant about buying sheets from Target.  I LOVE these!  They have super deep pockets and a double row of elastic to keep the sheets in place.  And they are super soft and comfy!  The quilt at the bottom of the bed was $16 at Home Goods!


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  1. Just beautiful. I love vintage sheets and have just started collecting them. What brand are the Target sheets? I'm looking for a new set myself and I love the color and pattern that you got.