Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Lego Minifigure Storage Shelves Tutorial

Do you have little person living with you that is obsessed with Legos?  I do!!  We love the Lego Minifigures at our house!!!  I wanted to find a way to display and store them.  I think this works well and it has lots of room so we can buy more Legos!!!!

3/4" wood (pine, MDF, etc.)
Lego building board (available at Lego store or Lego online)
utility knife
Quick Hold E-6000 glue (or similar)
nail gun

Begin by cutting the 3/4" wood into 1 1/4" strips.  You can make as long you want.  Mine are 23 3/4" long because that is what looked best on the wall.

Next cut the Lego board.  Using a utility knife, cut the Lego board every "3 circles". 

Once they are cut, bend them a little bit to break them apart.

Paint the boards.

Glue the Lego strips down.  I used one and a half of the Lego strips on each board.

 Once everything is dry, measure the wall for placement.  Using a nail gun, nail the boards into the wall, making sure to hit studs.  Patch the nail holes and touch up the paint where the patches are.

My son made me this "Keith Urban" minifigure.

We just bought our series 11 Lego Minifigures today.  These are mine!  50"s girl and pretzel girl!!



  1. That's a great idea! Make it easier to find the minifigs too than just having them mixed in with the bricks!

  2. thoes are adorable displays. We are big lego people in our house and my hubs was just trying ot figure out how to display the extra figures better. Thanks for the tutorial this will be very helpful.

  3. This is genius! I wish we had thought about making such awesome shelves when we were still huge on playing Lego.
    Pinning this to my board. Found you through Too Cute Tuesday. I would love it if you dropped by my blog. :)

  4. Great idea! My son's Lego collection is getting out of control, I'm going to need to start getting creative with our storage too.
    Over The Apple Tree

  5. That is sooo cool! I love the little strips of lego so they won't fall off the shelf!x

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  8. Nice! I found this just in time to put on our to-do list for the winter school break!
    Thanks for sharing!

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