Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I love our Elf on the Shelf, Richie.  Last year was our first year with an Elf, and it was magical.  I cried the day Richie left our family and returned to the North Pole!  My 5 year old is counting down the days until Richie joins our family again - Thanksgiving evening!!   It is fun to look at Pinterest and other blogs and see what other elves have been up to!  Here is a little recap of our last year's antics and some links to other elf mischief.  I can't wait to see what Richie does this year!
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Richie & Rapunzel sharing a bottle of syrup

Of course the toilet papering of the Christmas Tree!

The M&M bath

 Crusin' around with Merida in the back of the truck

Chillin' in the freezer

Sleeping in

The underwear display

Epic game of Battleship with Rudolph

Dry erase marker on the school pictures

Crape paper barricade

Elf-size tea party

Red marker Rudolph Noses on the children

Again - hangin' with Rapunzel

Popcorn party gone out of control

Good advice

Jokes are a hit with the 9 year old crowd!

Lego mini figures feeling neglected

Just fishin'

Richie loves his princesses!

Hanging by a stocking

Hiding in the wreath

Playing with the Vinylmation collection

Buckled up in the car

The day before Richie had to go back to the North Pole (December 24th) Richie was granted extra magic which meant we were able to hold him - but only that day.  This was such a thrill to my little girl - this was the most special day ever.

Elf antics from around bogland.......
Elf on the shelf jokes buttons 345x575 Elf on the Shelf   Printable Joke Cards *Updated*
@ Over the Big Moon

Hanging from Candy Canes @ Happiest Mom on the Blog

Hanging from Ornaments @ Happiest Mom on the Blog

Snowball Fight @ Crazy Lou Creations

@ Dandee-Designs

Cute Elf Kissing Booth! Printable by Amy Locurto.
Elf Kissing Booth @ Living Locurto


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  1. These are adorable! I forwarded it to my daughter. My grandkids, 9 & 5 both get very excited waiting for their elf, even the 9 year old. Wonder what will happen this year at her school. These are terrific and thank you.