Wednesday, June 26, 2013

VIntage Ball Mason Jars

I was at Target and look what I found in the canning section!!  I have wondered how long it would take the mason jar people to make some reproduction vintage blue jars.  Ball is offering these as a limited edition in celebration of their 100th Anniversary!

I have always loved vintage blue jars and I have a little collection of them.  But these are fun because you can give them away, or really can something in many ideas!  How cute would they be for the 4th of July as centerpieces!!!  I might have to go and get another case of them.  They were $10.99 which I thought was not bad.  What do you think would be cute to use them for?



  1. Aren't they awesome? I love to use them as vases, candle and pencil holders. I have a Target gift certificate that I've been waiting to use. These were on my list.

  2. I love these -- that is my favorite color of blue and now I need ot figure out how to use some of them in my craft room

  3. My family likes to drink iced tea and lemonade out of mason jars. I have a couple in the cupboard, and they'll bypass regular glasses in favor of those. I probably should go to Target and get rid of the other glasses. Jill @ Blue Plate Sundays.