Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June Cleaver

I was in bed sick for a few days and decided I would spend my time watching Leave it to Beaver.  I used to watch the show a lot as a child - loving all the predicaments Beaver would get into.  As a teenager I enjoyed watching the show because Wally was so cute!  As an adult I am drawn to it because I love June Cleaver.  After watching about 25 episodes in 2 days - I feel somewhat of an expert on her!!  The pearls, the dresses, the linen table cloth, the home cooked dinners, the tray of sandwiches on Saturdays, the parties, and the propriety of it all.  Don't you want to be her?  As I was laying sick in bed with my hair in a messy bun, pjs on & Kleenex everywhere - I decided I would be more like her. 

 I visited an antique shop while visiting my parents & found these little items which reminds me of my new goal!  I don't think they are all from June's kitchen in 1957, but they are old enough to remind me to have a little more class, patience, and simplicity!


In every episode June is sporting a half apron.  I picked these half aprons up for 50 cents each.  They have hand embroidered work on the bottom of each.  I love them!  And more importantly I will be wearing them!

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