Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert T-Shirts

We love Taylor Swift! And you can't show up to a concert with just any old shirt on! We needed matching shirts that said "Speak Now". And you can't just slap some puffy paint on them when you can applique with cute fabric! And so we did. I cut up some old T-shirts and made little flowers in the pink and orange for the shoulders.
The back of the shirt I cut a stencil on the Cricut out of vinyl. I found an image for Taylor's signature and the date of the concert! I painted it in craft paint.Why make 1 shirt when you can make 5! It was fun to be all matching.

We had such good seats and these were pictures I took on my camera - my niece even touched Taylor! It was the best concert ever! People kept asking us where we got our shirts! Good job Jedi Craft Girl!!

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  1. What did you use for the "shelves" with the picture frames? Thank you! :)