Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Rapunzel Bedroom

Here goes the transformation of a "Rapunzel" inspired room. Lots of spray paint will be involved!!!I got these frames from thrift shops and garage sales. I took the pictures and glass out and spray painted them heirloom white.

If you preorder the "Tangled" DVD from the Disney store you get 4 Tangled prints and a $10 coupon - no brainer! I knew I wanted to use the pictures in Sally's room, but they are a funny size. So, I used the over sized frames and just tacked the picture in the center - I love how it looks!
I already had this quilt but needed to fix it up a bit. I cut lavender circles and flowers out and appliqued/quilted them right on top and I love the new look it gives.

New flower center and the quilting is swirled
I finally painted this little night stand that I got at a garage sale - 2 of them for $5! It began as a yellow flowered night stand with brass handles - I'm sure you've seen the look. One can of Heirloom white later and I love it! We also spray painted the thrifted jewelry box and the thrifted mirror! (notice the Cinderella perfume, it was from Santa and smells so cute!)
I sewed a little quilt to go on top of the nightstand. I love how it turned out - super simple I think it took and hour start to hand sewn binding!
I used the puff balls from the birthday party and hung them in the Rapunzel room. The puff balls were made from white tissue paper and I lightly spray painted the edges pink or purple so they have a softer, blended feel.


  1. Very cute room. I'm doing a Rapunzel room for my daughter, too. I painted frames for the 4 lithographs, too. :) Fun to see another take on it.

    1. Thanks! I also made a Rapunzel quilt:

      I re-did the Rapunzel gallery wall - I will have to take photos of it! I would love to see your room!!

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